Kim Glennie, BA, BFA

Art Director, Communications Designer

I am a skilled art director and creative producer with over a decade of experience in visual design and communications. I have art directed for film, animation, print and digital media and have done project management for both web development and traditional print publications.

My experience includes art directing for film and television, working in animation for major internationally broadcast television programs in a variety of roles (designer, background artist, key poser and animator) and directing, editing and producing a number of short films and videos. I have worked in digital media as a content producer, web designer and programmer for both web and interactive projects. My writing has been published internationally and I have contributed to numerous publications including Northern Transmissions, Weird Canada, Fecking Bahamas, Montreal Mirror, Vice Magazine, Terminal City and Momentum Magazine. 

I have a diploma from the Vancouver Film School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Concordia University. I also play guitar, looper, fx and moog in the Vancouver mathy art-rock duo Mi’ens and have toured the west coast several times.

Specialties: Art direction, design, animation, photography, writing, digital media ninja.
Computer skills include: Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash), Revit, Final Cut Pro,  After Effects, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Pro Tools.
Languages spoken: English, French, German, some Japanese.